About LaCharla Figgs, Founder of Nonprofit Startup Academy


I’m LaCharla Figgs, and I’m a big fan of charitable nonprofits because they make life better for people in need. If you’re thinking of starting a charitable nonprofit program or ministry in the U.S., I’d love to help.

My job is to make YOUR job easier. And I love my job!

What’s In A Name?

Some call the work I do organizational development or capacity building. I see myself as an advisor, trainer, facilitator, and coach who helps nonprofit leaders achieve their performance goals.

In a way, I work through the “mechanics” of the organization—like program and policy development, strategic planning, grant writing, and board training. These behind-the-scenes processes are like the internal parts of your car: They may not be very sexy, but ignore them, and you won’t get very far.

My Journey Into the World of Nonprofits

I didn’t set out to be an organizational development (OD) consultant. A hundred years ago when I was studying economics, I had no idea I’d be working in the nonprofit sector. But I landed a series of interesting and rewarding jobs in affordable housing and community development, and I was hooked!

Eventually, I found myself teaching, assessing financial systems, writing books, drafting grant proposals, and even managing a grant program—all to support community development nonprofits.

Along the way, I fell in love with those nonprofits whose boards and staff were so committed to changing the world for Good.

Time For A Change

After more than two decades, I was ready for a change. So in 2006, I took the leap, launched my consulting practice, and got back to working directly with nonprofit leaders, which I still do today. If you want to learn more about my nonprofit consulting work, please visit T.L. Figgs Nonprofit Consulting HERE.

Moving Online

Working with nonprofit leaders is always interesting and often exciting. And I especially enjoy helping individuals and churches launch charitable nonprofits. I love their excitement and even their impatience to build an organization that will serve even more people in need.

But not every startup can pay more than $100/hour for a consultant. So I decided to build online programs to make classes and leadership coaching available to nonprofits all over the country at an affordable cost.

Help for Nonprofit Startups

In 2015, I decided to develop a new business that would focus on charitable nonprofit startups. I love the motivation and excitement of new nonprofit founders. They’re my favorite kind of client! I launched Nonprofit Startup Academy in 2016 and look forward to helping my new students change the world!


Tillmon and LaCharla I enjoy wearing different “hats” in my life.

When I take off my “Professional Nonprofit Enthusiast” hat, you’ll see that I’m wearing my Happy Wife Hat. I’ve been married to the best husband on the planet for 31 years, and I still light up when he walks into the room.

We believe our calling together is to support lifelong marriage. So we created Covenant Chasers, a  Biblically-based program for like-minded singles and couples.

Ice-and-Onyx-HatAnd finally, I have a Craft Maven Hat.

A while back, I was honored when a friend asked me to crochet hats for her grandmother, who was undergoing chemo. It was a great blessing to create something she enjoyed during a difficult time.

Postage Stamp Patch Afghan You might also find me crocheting afghans for the nonprofit hospice that helped us care for my precious father at the end of his life. The hospice staff lays an afghan across each new patient’s bed, and it becomes a family keepsake.

That gift meant so much to us that I wanted to share that comfort with other families. So now my mother and I make and donate several afghans each year.

As you can see, my world is full–as I’m sure yours is. And if you’re like me, you like it that way!

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