Help for Churches Interested In Nonprofit Startup

Your church may be struggling to keep up with the needs of the people in your community. If you’re thinking about launching a separate nonprofit to expand your reach, you’ll find practical help here just for churches. I’ve worked with urban churches, and I’ve learned that some issues are the same for every charitable organization, but churches face unique issues.

So you’ll find resources here to help your church avoid some pitfalls build a solid nonprofit. Check back here periodically to see what resources have been added, or REQUEST PROGRAM UPDATES to receive email notice when I add them. Keep reading to see what’s available now.


4 Reasons Your Church Should Say Yes to Nonprofit Startup

Mouse IconIs your church struggling to keep up with the need for services in your community? Well, maybe it’s time to create a separate nonprofit to support your church’s charitable vision. Running a nonprofit will be different from running your church. So you should carefully consider whether

Running a nonprofit will be different from running your church. So you should carefully consider whether nonprofit startup is right for you. Get this free article for 4 good reasons for your church to launch a nonprofit. Then, as part of the Nonprofit Startup Academy Community, you’ll get information & inspiration for nonprofit startups each month.


Smart Change For Churches

Laptop IconChange is inevitable, but that doesn’t make it easy. And creating a nonprofit to better serve your community is a big change. If you need your congregation’s support, you may get better results with some preparation.

I’ve worked with urban churches for 10+ years, and I’d like to share the benefit of that experience with you. So I’m creating an assessment and coaching program to help you assess your congregation’s readiness for change and to help you prepare them. I’ll update this description when the program is ready!


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